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Steve's favorite food is sandwiches...with mustard only.

Steves plays the drums without his shoes.

Stevo only uses Vic-firth drumsticks he refuses to play unless he’s got the right sticks.

Stevo's Mom's name is Marj and his Dad's name is Phil.

Stevo lost his virginity at the age of 16, Dave and Cone lost theirs at 18, and Deryck lost his at 13.

Steve has a sister named Jen.

Stevo House was Featured on Cribs.

Cone grew up with porn because of his dad porno Paul.

Deryck worked as a intern at a local record company where he grew up.

Deryck cheated his way through high school fooling his teachers that he was slow and didn't get what was going on in class. So he was put into special classes and had open book tests.

Deryck made a lot of money from one of his jobs that he worked at during his high school years ( I believe at the age of 17) and spent it on limos. And so on.

When Deryck got into fights with his mother or whoever he would always write songs to calm down.

Deryck was arrested... theft, b and e (breaking and entering), arson, vandalism, assault w/a bat, and mischief.

Derycks Mother Works as a Nurse.

Deryck says younger girls are "annoying", but he would go out with a younger
girl if she was more mature. Stevo says that "mature" means big boobs.

The band used to cover NOFX songs.

Brownsound said the following about his name: "I came out of my mom and I was brown. I make sound on my guitar."

Cone got his nickname in school from Steve and Deryck because he ate an ice cream cone every day at lunch.

They Used to open for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the Offspring, Blink-182 and Social Distortion.

Greig Nori Sum 41 manager, is the 5th member of the band, and has the same "41" tattoo

There’s Five Versions of the Video "Makes No Difference

Kerry King From Slayer was featured in the Video "What We're all About"

They rarely do laundry-they use odor eater Febreze.

They sign bras

The guys won't sign anyone’s breasts if they are under 19

Cone doesn't rap, he doesn't even like it...at all. he hates it.

Dave doesn't like to be called hot chocolate anymore.

Deryck fidgets a lot so he can't stop handling things.

Deryck Graduated High School.

Deryck stole Baksh and McCaslin from other bands, forming an Ajax super group.

Whibley and Jocz would prank-call ex-members and egg their houses.

Cone is the quietest member in the group.

When DERYCK was six years old, he loved the sound of breaking glass. He is known to shoot down all the windows in a hotel, with a bb gun.

The anthem of teenage dissatisfaction: "I don't want to waste my time/And become a casualty of society/I'll never fall in line/Become a victim of your conformity." DERYCK wrote it in defiance of the band members' parents, who wanted their sons to go to college and achieve middle-class respectability.

The Sum 41 salute: IS four fingers extended on one hand, just the middle finger on the other.

Derycks mother name is Michelle.

Cones real name is Jason not Jay, Jay is short for Jason.

Deryck and Steve started the band in 1996.

Deryck is 5'5".

The first song ever written by Sum 41 was called Five-O Grind.

Everyone in the band has '41' tattooed on their right arm.

Everyone in the band has been arrested.

They are called Sum 41 because they started the band 41 days into the summer.

Deryck has been cutting his own hair with kitchen scissors for about 5 years.

Favorite snack foods: Deryck- cookie dough, Cone- wine gums, Dave- curry-flavored potato chips, Steve- sour patch kids.

Derycks favorite movie is Dog Day Afternoon.

Deryck's favorite band to watch live is Green Day.

Deryck only takes one pair of pants and 4 or 5 shirts on tour with him, because The first time they toured, he took about everything he owned, clothes, CDs, TV on the 3rd day, all of it was stolen.

The most that Deryck has ever paid for an article of clothing is $20.

Sum 41 is from Ajax, Ontario.

Dave's favorite animals are penguins, Steve and Cone like monkeys, and Deryck hates all animals.

Dave was in a Rage Against the Machine cover band.

Deryck used to love basketball, but stopped playing when Michael Jordan quit.

Deryck, Cone, Steve, and Dave were all in rival bands in high school.

Deryck uses Orange .66mm Tortex picks.

Deryck set a Datsun on fire as a child.

Deryck shops at Goodwill and Thrift Stores.

Birthdays of the band members:
Cone: Sept. 3rd
Bizzy D: March 21st
Dave: July 26th
Steve: July 23rd

Dave was in all of these bands: A.N.D.P. Anatomy Embodiment Doors Of Draven 747 Glenn Dogg and P Real's Punk Hop Explosion Fo Yo Mind Freight Train Robbas Empty Chamber.

Deryck's favorite breakfast food is French toast.

Shoe Sizes: Deryck - 7, Cone - 9.5, Steve - 10.5, Dave - 8.

The song Crazy Amanda is about one of Deryck's ex-girlfriends.

Cone uses an Ampeg 8x10 bass cabinet and also a Ampeg SVT Bass head.

The first song ever written by Sum 41 was called Five-O Grind which was about being hassled by a security guard while skateboarding. There second song was called I Love Meat.

Deryck's 5 favorite albums: 1. Elvis Costello - My Aim is True, 2. Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape, 3. Nirvana - Nevermind, 4. Weezer - Weezer, 5. Guns n' Roses - Appetite for Destruction

Deryck used to really like LLCoolJ, which influenced him to start a rap group with 3 other kids when he was 11 called the Powerful Young Hustlers.

Dave is Guyanese.

Deryck is engaged to Avril Lavinge. He porposed to her in Europe. They own a mansion together in LA.
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