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Welcome to NSS, your total Sum 41 fansite. Take a look around, and check it out! Hope you like it, and stay tuned for new stuff, and the latest news!

November 18,2005
Deryck yet again has a new hairstyle. Go to the picture gallery to see pictures of it.  Also lots of new pictures of him and Avril.

November 14,2005
Go to the video's section of the site to check out the trailer for the new DVD "Punk's Not Dead" which features Sum 41

November 13,2005
The Band of the Month for November is Story of the Year.

November 2, 2005
News about Sum 41's live cd and DVD on the bulletin board.

October 1,2005
This is going to be the new layout for the site, sorry it took so long to change. Some site updates, i've added alot more pictures to the gallery. Also the band of the month for October is Silverstein.

September 2, 2005
The Band of the Month for September is Fall Out Boy.

August 31,2005
Not alot of new news right now except we now have an affiliates page so check it out to see other cool sites.

August 20, 2005
Check out the trailer for the new movie "Dirty Love" in the Media Section

August 19, 2005
I have now taken on the biggest challenge of my life... oraganzing all these pages. I will shorten the menu up to a genreal menu that will link you to the small sections of the site.
- Mike

August 17, 2005
Just a few things.I changed the site background,yeh it sucks but at least now we can see the links and text.We will find a new and better background soon. Also the pieces performance at the Junos this year has been posted on the boards and the Pukkelpop concert has been posted as well.Thats all for now.

Aug 8, 2005
Its tonight people!!!! cant wait to see this. Also if you live in the Toronto area apparently Sum 41 was in the newspaper today so make sure to check that out. Thats all for now

Aug 7, 2005
Just tuning in to remind you that tomorrow night is the premiere of Rocked: Sum 41's documentary for War Child. It will be on Much Music at 9:00et time. I know I'll be watching!

Aug 7,2005
Another person has been added to the team, Derrick who is now the 3 member of the NSS team. Well thats all for now.

Aug 7,2005
Yeh Big thanks to Mike for designing the site, theres just a little more details we need to do and then the site will be kick ass. Also theres a new NSS Boards which is way better then the old one so check it out.

Aug 7, 2005
Hey, this is the new layout and my name is Mike, I am the newest and 2nd member of NSS. Well that's what I have to say for now.. Bye

July 23, 2005
The new band of the week is Autopilot Off

July 22, 2005
Ok all the pictures are organized now and i am just about to add more blends and avatars to the downloads section (tyring to do as much as possible before i leave tomorrow).

July 21, 2005
I will be gone from July 23 - August 4, so there wont be alot of updating to the site in between those days. Today i changed the Pictures page around a bit so it should be a bit more organized. I could Only sort deryck's pictures today though and i will sort the rest of the bands tomorrow.

July 15, 2005
Ive added some more pictures from the some say video(thanks to emily) and also some news about the London show being rescheduled. The new band of the week is The Offspring.

July 9,2005
It's my birthday today! sorry for not updating much lately.

June 28, 2005
Deryck and Avril are engaged, congrgulations goes out to both of them. Go to the "news section" to find out more about the engagment. Also Cone and Steve will be on much music tonight to preimere Some Say (also in the news section). Theres a new picture in the "music video pictures" section of the site for the video Some Say.


Bulletin Board

-Sum 41 will be releasing a live cd entitled "Happy Live Surprise" on December 21. This is what the cover of the CD will look like.

-"Rocked-Sum 41 in the Congo" DVD will be released on November 26th

-"Some Say" got 13 straight victories on Much Music's Combatzone and is now retired into the Hall of Fame.

- The guys will be appearing in an upcoming documentary, 'Punk's Not Dead'. FOR MORE INFO GO


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